Handbag Organizer, Japanese Pouch Set, Make Up Pouch, Cosmetic Bag Set

Handbag Organizer, Japanese Pouch Set, Make Up Pouch, Cosmetic Bag Set
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Love Japanese Style Like We Do handbag organizer, japanese pouch set, make up pouch, cosmetic bag set This listing is for two sets of zippered pouches (4 pouches) to help you organize your handbag. They are made from high quality Japanese cotton & are lined in a black canvas fabric. One set features traditional Japanese lanterns, decorated with Japanese mons (family crest), on a bright purple background. The other set features Okinawan shisa in two shades of pale blue, on a dark indigo blue background. These multipurpose pouches can be used to store your makeup, device chargers, passport, bank books or anything that fits! They also make lovely gifts. - the large pouches measure 25 cm (9.75) x 15 cm (6). - the small pouches measure 20 cm (8") x 13 cm (5.25"). - 1 set (2 pouches) weighs 100gm. This listing is for the four pouches only. For the patchwork tote bag or other items please click on this link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JapanDownUnder?ref=shop_sugg┬žion_id=26859468 SHIPPING INFORMATION - this item ships by DHL express with tracking. It takes around 3-5 business days. - DHL requires a CONTACT PHONE NUMBER. They WILL NOT SHIP without it. Please write your phone number in the message box when completing your cart transaction. - the shipping cost is included in the item price - we use recycled packaging & wrap for safety & cost-effectiveness, not appearance! - we are not responsible for any taxes or duties that may be incurred in the buyer’s country. LINK TO OUR ETSY HOMEPAGE: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/JapanDownUnder?ref=search_shop_redirect JAPANESE LANTERNS (CHOCHIN) Paper lanterns or “Chochin” were first used in the Muromachi period (1336 til 1573). Coming from China, these lanterns were made from bamboo. After several decades, the Japanese developed folding lanterns. These folding lanterns were used for funerals & became necessary sources of light for soldiers at war. During the Edo period “Chochin” became more & more popular with everyday normal people & paper lanterns enabled them to travel more around Japan, go out at night & enjoy the benefits of an expanding merchant economy. Nowadays, Japanese paper lanterns are used in many different ways. Some families hang lanterns outside their homes during “Obon” to welcome home the spirits of family ancestors. These special lanterns are called “Bon Chochin.” Chochin are also used outside restaurants & at festivals. Chochin hung outside restaurants such as Japanese pubs (“Izakakya”) or ramen shops are thought to attract customers. At festivals, Chochin are often strung in a row & create a traditional & festive feeling. Chochin are also used as lamps in homes to make an interior statement. SHISA Shisa are often found in similar pairs & resemble a cross between a dog & a lion. Shisa are believed to offer protection from evil. in Okinawa, people place pairs of shisa on their rooftops or on either side of the gateways to their homes. The shisa on the left is female & usually has a closed