1.3Ct Burmese Phenakite | Phenacite Facet

1.3Ct Burmese Phenakite | Phenacite Facet
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Burmese Phenakite (Phenacite) Facet Phenakite, sometimes spelled & pronounced Phenacite, is probably my very favorite mineral. The name Phenakite comes from the word phénax, meaning deceiver, due to it’s close visual similarity to quartz. & that also happens to be one of the main reasons, so much of this material found online is not genuine. A cool trick you can do with Phenakite is put it to a piece of ice & watch the room temperature crystal melt right into the ice! All phenakite melts ice, but not all crystals melt ice in that same way. So it is an easy Rudimentary test to at least determine if a piece is definitely fake. Phenakite will always test as, or very close to Diamond on a colored gem tester too though, where as the fake material will almost always test as Quartz or glass. Burmese Phenakite comes from the country formerly known as Burma, that is now called Myanmar, Specifically from the town of Mogok. Out of all the localities Phenakite is found, Burmese most often has some of the very best crystal structure & I would say, clarity as well. However they often tend to be the smallest specimens. They are specifically known for their “Drill bit” Terminations & sometimes long “Pencil” shape. This Piece of faceted Burmese Phenakite was acquired directly from a dealer in Mogok, Myanmar. Weight: 1.3 carats Size: 7.9mm x 6.2mm x 4.3mm (millimeters) (please message me for international or upgraded shipping) any overage on actual shipping charges will be refunded regardless 1.3Ct Burmese Phenakite | Phenacite Facet