10 Hand Dipped Autumn Blend Backflow Cones

10 Hand Dipped Autumn Blend Backflow Cones
Categories: Soup Mixes, Soup mix
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Dark Olive
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Think woody, like cedar & oak delicately tempered with cinnamon, bayberry & a touch of firewood. This one makes you want to curl up with a good book & a blanket as winter approaches. Backflow cones are all the craze! I had a time of it finding cones that are unscented so that we can scent them in our tried & true scents. Expect the best!! You will receive 10 hand-dipped backflow cones. Our handmade incense is DOUBLE DIPPED for maximum smoke/scent. Lots of people ask what double-dipped means. It means that we soak our incense in scent twice, letting it dry out some in between each “dipping”. The “commercial” incense you buy out there in the world, especially incense that is not made in the United States has the potential to be years old. This means it’s much drier than fresh incense. This translates to a faster burn & less smoke. More smoke means more scent. Our backflow cones give you a 45-minute burn as opposed to a 20-minute burn with older/drier incense. & just to let you know, we make our incense to order so there may be a lapse of a week or so between your order date & your ship date." 10 Hand Dipped Autumn Blend Backflow Cones