10 Inch GreenPan Presidio Nonstick Ceramic Frypan with Lid - Aluminum by World Market

10 Inch GreenPan Presidio Nonstick Ceramic Frypan with Lid - Aluminum by World Market
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Brand: World Market
Color: multi
Size: One Size Fits Most
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-Featuring a fast-heating body in a chic sea-glass hue and a ceramic-nonstick interior, our GreenPan Presidio covered frying pan is crafted with a deep base for added versatility. Distributing heat evenly for frying, sauteing and baking one-pan meals, this skillet has a stay-cool handle and an oven-safe glass lid. Diamond-enhanced for lasting durability, its easy-clean nontoxic coating is a healthier option for the family and environment. Material: Aluminum, Also could be used for cookware company,easy clean pan,cookware co,cookware collection,green pan,greenpan collection,kitchenware,dinnerware,cooking tools,cooking,specialty cookware,quality cookware,durable cookware,healthy cookware,toxin free,safe cookware,nontoxic,kitchen tools,affordable cookware,pots and pans,high heat pan,eco friendly pan,ceramic greenpan collection,ceramic cookware collection,ceramic frypan collection,ceramic frying pan collection,cookware,kitchen items,bakeware,frying,baking,roasting,cooking,pots and pans,oven safe pan,lightweight pan,easy clean pan,versatile pan,extra large pan,large pan,deep pan,10 inch pan,ten inch pan,non stick pan,nontoxic pan,toxin free pan,healthy cooking,skillet,frypan,pfas free,pfoa free,high frying pan,deep frying pan,gift,frypan,colorful,presidio collection,covered pan,lidded pan. By Cost Plus World Market.603451