10 Short Stories Volume 4 Martin Lundqvist Author

10 Short Stories Volume 4 Martin Lundqvist Author
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This anthology contains the following 10 short stories: The Dungeon Date: Geoffrey is seduced by a crazy beautiful woman who plans to kill him for his dodgy calls on the field.Fiona and the Red Dragon: A young girl dreams about dragons and how to make the different dragon races stop fighting each other, which has unintended consequences.The Robot Date: The clueless Geoffrey goes on a date with a robot, just to find out the truth when his robot date is hit by lightning.The Ladyboy Date.Geoffrey’s ex-girlfriend set him up on a date, with ladyboy!The Matrix Date: Jasmine Xi convinces Geoffrey that the only to stop his cycle of terrible dates is to confront the author who runs the Martrix. Jared Pond and the Tajikistani Ram: Jared Pond is sent to Tajikistan to collect a ram for Scurry Morrissette. Unfortunately, the local dictator uses Jared as a pawn to infiltrate the opposition, and in the end, Jared is deported for refusing to have sex with the dictator’s daughter. The Coming out of Dwayne Beesly: A flash fiction story about a man who is disowned by his Hollywood mother for coming out as straight.The Father Resurrection: After seeing her mother crying, Diah decides to travel back in time to stop her father from dying. However, changing timelines come with unforeseen consequences.The Champagne Incident. A cowardly fireman fails to save a burn victim due to his phobia of popping champagne cork. Or is there another dark secret behind his actions?Fiona and Ptolemaeus: Fiona uses her imagination to dream of ancient Egypt where she meets Ptolemaeus, the founder of the geocentric model for the universe.