10 x Fontaine tuna natural, 120g

10 x Fontaine tuna natural, 120g
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
Brand: firstorganicbaby
Size: one size
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10 x Fontaine tuna natural, 120g Fontaine Heller tuna is pulled out of the water individually with the fishing rod according to the guidelines of sustainability. After the handling of the hand, the responsible processing and refinement follow with the best organic ingredients. In addition to the tuna, this fully tuna contains only water and sea salt. The feast of hand is recognized by Friend of the Sea © as particularly sustainable, gentle on species and dolphin. The reasons for the fishing are in the Atlantic, an ocean that is rich in oxygen thanks to huge sea currents and thus offers the fish a good habitat. Tuna in your own juice has significantly less fat than tuna in vegetable oil - which especially the calorie -conscious gourmets appreciate. In addition, tuna nature is the ideal addition to rich basic ingredients such as cream, butter and mayonnaise. Suitable for heating: in sauces and vegetable mixtures, on pizza, tarte flambee, etc. thunfish fillet (thunnus albacares) 75 %, water, sea salt ready for