100 Best-Ever Step-by-Step Barbecue Recipes: The Ultimate Guide To Grilling In 340 Stunning Photographs With Recipes For Appetizers, Fish, Meat, Veget

100 Best-Ever Step-by-Step Barbecue Recipes: The Ultimate Guide To Grilling In 340 Stunning Photographs With Recipes For Appetizers, Fish, Meat, Veget
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A stunning collection of 100 sun-drenched barbecue, grill and griddle recipes featuring easy-to-follow techniques and ways to bring out the very best in freshness and flavour From super-fast seared dishes to slow-cook spit-roasts, every possible occasion is catered for - including rainy weather alternatives Try delicious bite-sized nibbles such as Chilli and Herb Polenta, fantastic fish dishes including Raffia-tied Mackerel with Nutty Bacon Stuffing, or an original twist on meaty classics such as the meltingly gorgeous Stilton Burgers Vibrant vegetarian options include Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas and Stuffed Peppers, plus there is a range of cooked and chilled salads to serve on the side Offers expert advice on choosing the right barbecue, boosting flavour with rubs, marinades and dressings, and using a griddle to best advantage - over hot coals or when cooking indoors Features 340 superb step-by-step photographs to illustrate all preparation and cooking techniques, and to set the scene for an entire summer of fabulous al fresco food At-a-glance nutritional notes provide an accurate breakdown of fat, calories, fibre and cholesterol to aid in planning a healthy dietThis stunning best-of collection is a must-have guide for barbecue lovers everywhere. With 100 of the greatest ever grill and griddle recipes, plus full advice on setting up and healthy ways to boost flavour, this culinary classic is full of unforgettable al fresco food. Pick and choose from a wide range of appetizers, main course dishes and desserts, all explained in easy-to-follow steps, with concise colour images to accompany them. Griddle quick-to-marinate Cheese Bites in five seconds, or skewer shellfish in the style of Butterfly Prawns and Feta-Stuffed Squid: perfect light bites for enjoying while the main course is being prepared. The main part of the meal can be as simple or sophisticated as desired. Some recipes, such as the meaty Mixed Grill Skewers, can be cooked over hot coals in minutes. Others are a little more elaborate, but often the preparation can be done in advance and the actual cooking time remains quick. Then there are the lazy afternoon dishes, such as Classic Seafood Bake, which takes the simplest of barbecuing concepts û a beach-style grill nestling among pebbles - and slow-cooks shellfish to perfection while everyone relaxes. Follow tips and variations to create signature dishes, or vary ingredients according to the palates of guests. There are fabulous finger foods for children, and a superb range of vegetarian options to grill, griddle and roast. A section on side-dishes, breads and sauces completes the savoury side of the menu, while a refreshingly eclectic range of desserts û from Grilled Strawberries and Marshmallows on skewers to Grilled Mango Slices with Sorbet - will round off the perfect summer feast. Featuring 340 glorious and atmospheric photographs to guide and inspire, this best-ever compilation will encourage every adventurous cook to take mealtimes outside all summer long.