100 Soups for $5 or Less Gayle Pierce Author

100 Soups for $5 or Less Gayle Pierce Author
Categories: Soups, Noodle
Brand: Smith, Gibbs Publisher
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Enjoy the comfort of homemade soup with these budget- and family-friendly recipes—includes savvy shopping and cooking skills. Soup is a deliciously easy way to provide for a neighborhood potluck or a comfortable night at home with the family. 100 Soups for $5 or Less includes recipes for Armchair Quarterback Chili, Stir-Fry Noodle Soup, French Onion Soup, Garbanzo Simmer, Smoked Ham and Potato, Egg Drop Soup, and many more. Each recipe is prepared for $5 or less! The money-saving tips in 100 Soups for $5 or Less include: couponing, experimenting with recipes, substituting less expensive ingredients for more expensive ones, reducing meat consumption, buying in bulk, controlling portions, and keeping a well-stocked pantry.