1001 Minigolf Challenge for Windows (1 - User) [Download]

1001 Minigolf Challenge for Windows (1 - User) [Download]
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Download Size (in MB) 14.62 Download Time Cable Modem: 0 mins, 29 seconds :: DSL: 1 mins, 13 seconds You will receive two emails: one confirming your entire order, and one with a “Download Software” button. You can download immediately or return to your email to download later. Questions about downloading software? Click here for answers to common questions. Downloadable software is not returnable or refundable. Welcome to the largest mini - golf course ever, 1001 Minigolf Challenge! Play over 1000 fun and challenging holes in an amazing mini - golf world! The intuitive and realistic 3D Virtual Play engine makes it easy to sink putts as you send your ball flying through loops, pipes, extreme ramps and mind - blowing obtacles. With a combination of real golf rules and wacky mini - golf fun, it’s the ultimate challenge!.Wild & Crazy Obstacles: * Flowers & Plants can slow you down, or be used to make ricochet shots..Features: Realistic 3D Play Wild & Crazy Obstacles Multiple Golf Clubs Multiple Player Profiles.* Wacky Loops, Crazy Pipes & Extreme Ramps bring classic mini - golf fun to your desktop..* The Speeder gives your shot a boost..* Sand Traps will cost you valuable strokes…just like on a real golf course!.Orders placed over a weekend may be delayed until Monday.Realistic 3D Play - Zoom in, zoom out & rotate 360* up, down, left & right..Processor: 1000 MHz processor (1800 MHz recommended), Memory: 256 MB RAM, Hard Disk: 150 MB free hard disk space, Display: 800x600, Video Card: 32 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible 3D accelerated video card (64 MB recommended).* The Fan can push your ball high over obstacles - - or past the hole!.Windows 7 - All Versions, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows XP.1001 Minigolf Challenge