101 Things To Do With A BBQ Steve Tillett Author

101 Things To Do With A BBQ Steve Tillett Author
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This comprehensive guide to grilling includes 101 barbecue recipes from perfect steaks and burgers to appetizers, desserts and vegetarian options.Grill It Up author Steve Tillet is a master of the backyard cookout. In 101 Things To Do With a BBQ, he shares his secrets, tips, and a wide range of recipes that will inspire you to go beyond the ordinary barbecue offerings. Covering an array of barbecue sauces and rubs as well as seafood, side dishes, vegetables, and even pizzas, Tillett proves that the grill is your ideal summertime cooking option. This volume includes irresistible yet surprisingly simple recipes like Poppin’ BBQ Popcorn, Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms, Stuffed Tomatoes on the Grill, Grilled Onion Bloom, Seafood Pesto Pizza, Doc’s Dry-Rub T-Bone Steak, Roberto’s South American Lime Ribs, Andie’s Angelic BBQ Burgers, Scott’s Tantalizing Dry Rub Chicken, Grant’s Monday Night Special Buffalo Wings, Parmesan Grilled Halibut, and even desserts like Chocolate Banana Bang-a-rang.