27 Healthy Diet Recipes Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes (Go Slow Cooker Recipes) Sophia Seeds Author

27 Healthy Diet Recipes Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes (Go Slow Cooker Recipes) Sophia Seeds Author
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27 Healthy Diet Recipes - Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes for your Diet I am a busy mom. I love cooking. My daughter got married 8 years ago with a small family and now she is back to work. She has been asking me for some secrets of the kind of delicious food she used to eat at home. She doesn’t want to eat out too often because she wants her children to eat well. So remembers some of the great nutritious meals she used to eat at home in the family. She has asked me put together some Crockpot recipes for her to use so that she can prepare them overnight and then come home with a ready meal. I am very particular that my children eat well nutritiously so I’ve chosen my favroite diet slow cooker recipes and put them in a series of Slow Cooker Cookbooks for her. Using the crockpot or slow cooker is one of the best way to prepare your meals when you are fighting against time. All you need to do is to fill the slow cooker with the right ingredients. It is like magic. You need to pour in the right ingredients and right proportion. All my recipes to tell you exactly what ingredients to use and how much for each portion to have the right taste. You do not need a lot of cooking skills and yet at the same time, the outcome of the meals look like the ones you see in restaurants. These recipes are filled with wonderful smell when you open the cover. And the best thing is that when you come home from a busy day of work, the dinner is ready for your family at the table. I have put the recipes into an easy to navigate book with clickable chapters. You’ll be able to keep your reading device right by your side while you whip up these irresistible recipes in the kitchen for yourself, guests, family, or big gatherings. These are my favorite Chicken Recipes: 1. Low Carb Butter Chicken 2. Juicy Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken 3. Easy Mediterranean Chicken Thighs 4. Creamy Italian Style Chicken 5. Lemon Garlic Chicken Fillets 6. Delicious Sizzling Chicken Stew 7. Mexican Tortilla Avocado Chicken Soup 8. Chicken Cheesy Sandwich 9. Basalmic Chicken 10. Pineapple Chicken 11. Steamy Chicken Ragu Sauce 12. Chicken Zucchini 13. Chicken Meatballs 14. Moroccan Chicken 15. Fresh Chicken Curry 16. Mexican Chicken Taco Bowls 17. Low Carb Chicken Barbocoa 18. White Wine Garlic Chicken 19. Chicken Crockpot Sandwich 20. Asian Ginger Chicken 21. Teriyaki Chicken with colorful peppers 22. Easy Orange Chicken Thighs 23. Creamy White Wine Chicken with Mushrooms 24. Indonesian Chicken Drumstick 25. Buffalo Low Carb Chicken 26. Honey Almond Chicken 27. Chicken Cacciatore Enjoy! Enjoy!