2D Nanomaterials: Chemistry and Properties Ram K. Gupta Editor

2D Nanomaterials: Chemistry and Properties Ram K. Gupta Editor
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2D nanomaterials have emerged as promising candidates for use in energy devices owing to their superior electrochemical properties, surface area, nanodevice integration, multifunctionality, printability, and mechanical flexibility. 2D Nanomaterials: Chemistry and Properties covers basic concepts, chemistries, and properties along with theoretical considerations in designing new 2D nanomaterials, especially for energy applications. This book: Discusses the effect of doping, structural variation, phase, and exfoliation on structural and electrochemical properties of 2D nanomaterials Presents synthesis, characterization, and applications of 2D materials for green energy production and storage Explores new aspects of synthesizing 2D nanomaterials beyond traditionally layered structures Examines challenges in using 2D materials for energy applications This book is aimed at materials scientists, chemists, electrochemists, and engineers working in energy disciplines.