3 Pack Bottles Signature Blend Option 2 Intro Plastisol Fishing Lure Making Soft Plastic

3 Pack Bottles Signature Blend Option 2 Intro Plastisol Fishing Lure Making Soft Plastic
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This listing is for 3 BOTTLES (12 fl oz each) of Golden Grub Lure Co.’s Signature Blend Liquid Plastic: 1 Bottle of Galaxy Purple Formula 1 Bottle of Lemon Lime Color Formula 1 Bottle of Super Gold Special Formula This Introductory 3 Bottle Signature Blend Set gives you 3 great, eye-popping lure colors with no guesswork involved. All you do is pour, heat, & shoot! Colors can be Mix’d & Match’d. Choose from Soft or Regular Formula too. :) One bottle of each color in Regular Formula will be sent if no mix & match request is submitted. Submit special requests to seller when submitting payment. Take advantage of our ‘Buy More, Save More’ pricing structure. The cost of each individual bottle drops as more bottles are purchased together. Please see above pricing graphic for more info… - Create your own custom soft baits! All you need is a mold, some Liquid Plastic, color dyes, & sparkle… the combinations are limitless. PLUS you’ll be saving cash too. With a gallon of Liquid Plastic ($54.95) you can make about 750 medium sized soft bait worms! Go to the store & check the prices, they’re usually selling a pack of 10 worms for upwards of $5! You would have to spend over $375 to get the same amount of worms from one gallon of Liquid Plastic. Here’s how it works: Step 1.) Pour Liquid Plastic into Pyrex container, put in microwave. Step 2.) Heat Liquid Plastic until it turns from white to clear. This process usually takes 2 to 3 minutes depending on batch size. We recommend heating small batches (8 to 10 oz’s at a time). Do not overheat. Towards the end of the heating process use short bursts (10 seconds at a time) to reach desired temperature. Step 3.) Once Liquid Plastic turns clear & reaches correct temperature (325 to 350 degrees) add color (can be added before heating as well) & glitter. Mix together well & then shoot or pour into mold. OUR PREMIUM LIQUID PLASTIC gets degassed in a vacuum chamber just prior to shipment. This process removes excess air from the formula which cuts down on bubbling, & improves the clarity of your soft plastic baits. REMEMBER to use protective clothing like gloves, long sleeves, pants, & closed toe shoes (no sandals) when pouring hot Liquid Plastic. Wear appropriate safety goggles & provide adequate ventilation in your work space too (either a fan or personal respirator). WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. FAST & FREE SHIPPING via Priority Mail! 3 Pack Bottles Signature Blend Option 2 Intro Plastisol Fishing Lure Making Soft Plastic