3D Environment Design with Blender: Enhance your modeling, texturing, and lighting skills to create realistic 3D scenes Abdelilah Hamdani Author

3D Environment Design with Blender: Enhance your modeling, texturing, and lighting skills to create realistic 3D scenes Abdelilah Hamdani Author
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Save time and effort when building 3D scenes with this essential guide to creating stunning photorealistic 3D environments in BlenderKey Features:Reveal modeling tricks to make your Blender 3D environments look realisticDiscover techniques to enhance the photorealism of your scenes while saving timeSet up realistic lighting in your scenes to make your environment look pleasing to the eyeBook Description:Blender is a powerful tool for creating all kinds of visual assets, but with such power comes complexity. Creating a photorealistic 3D scene seems like a Herculean task for more than 90% of 3D designers, but don’t be discouraged! 3D Environment Design with Blender will get you up and running.This practical guide helps reduce the complexity of 3D environment design, advance your Blender skills, and produce lifelike scenes and animations in a time-efficient manner. You’ll start by learning how to fix the most common mistakes 3D designers make with modeling and scale matching that stop them from achieving photorealism. Next, you’ll understand the basics of realistic texturing, efficient unwrapping and achieving photorealistic lighting by turning an actual reference of a wood cabin into a realistic 3D scene. These skills will be used and expanded as you build a realistic 3D environment with natural assets and materials that you’ll create from scratch. Once you’ve developed your natural environment, you’ll advance to creating realistic render shots by applying cool camera features, and compositing tricks that will make your final render look photorealistic and pleasing to the eye.By the end of this book, you’ll be able to implement modeling tricks and best practices to make your 3D environments look stunningly lifelike.What You Will Learn:Understand how to avoid the most common modeling mistakes 3D designers makeCreate realistic landscapes using Blender’s built-in A.N.T Landscape add-onBuild natural assets such as rocks, flowers, plants, and rivers that you can customize and use in a variety of projectsCreate realistic materials such as snow, mud, wood and animated waterUse the particle system to generate realistic grass, as well as scatter flowers and rocksApply the five lighting rules to achieve great photorealistic resultsUse nodes and materials effectively to produce impressive resultsWho this book is for:This book is for 3D environment artists and open-world game designers who have tried designing 3D environments but have trouble finding the right Blender settings. If you feel overwhelmed understanding how nodes and materials work in Blender, this book will simplify it for you and help you achieve photorealism in your environments in no time. Familiarity with the Blender interface is expected to get the most out of this book.