3D Modeling in Blender - Tools, Tips and Tricks Rob Tarte Author

3D Modeling in Blender - Tools, Tips and Tricks Rob Tarte Author
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3D Modeling in Blender is your guide to the tools and functionality used to create or facilitate the creation of 3D Models in Blender. There are plenty of books about Blender and many cover the topic of 3D Modeling. The majority of books only give you an overview of 3D Modeling and teach you just enough to complete a 3D Model before moving on to the next topic. What is often missing is a comprehensive discussion of all the available tools and functionality at your disposal when modeling in Blender. With this book you will get a detailed overview of all the Blender tools and functionality related directly or indirectly to 3D Modeling. Each tool or feature is explained in detail with the help of numerous illustrations. Also included are plenty of tips, tricks and mini tutorials to help you get the most out of Blender. What You Will Learn Learn about the Blender UI including how to use Layers and the Outliner to organize your Scene. Learn how to use the 3D View which includes Rotating, Orbiting, Panning, Zooming, Aligning your View, enable shading features, enable Object and Mesh Display panels to gain valuable information about your Model and much more. Learn about Mesh Topology and how to create a Mesh with good topology in mind. Get an in depth description of the Transform Tools in Blender including the Transform Orientation Menu, the Pivot Point, how to constrain Transform Operations, Apply and Clear Transformations, perform precise Transformations and more. Learn about Blenders Selection tools including the Region Selection Tools as well as how to Hide Objects and Mesh Elements, Select Linked Mesh Elements, Select Less / More, Select an Edge Loop, Face Loop, Boundary Loop, Edge Ring and more. How to use Blenders functionality to aid in the process of creating a 3D Model including the Snap Menu, Empties, Parenting, Grouping and Joining Objects, Separating a Mesh, using Vertex Groups and more. Learn how to manipulate Geometry by adding and deleting Mesh Elements. This includes discussing the Knife Tool, Bridge Tool, Rip Tool, Split Tool, Separate Tool, Spin Tool, Snap to Mesh Tool, Proportional Editing and more. Learn about the Blender Modifiers that aid in the 3D Modeling process including the Subdivision Surface Modifier, Mirror Modifier, Shrinkwrap Modifier, Array Modifier, Solidify Modifier and more. The information in this book will broaden your knowledge of Blenders Tools which translates into spending more time bringing your ideas to life and less time trying to figure out how to accomplish a modeling task. Having a comprehensive understanding of all available tools will make you a better and more efficient Modeler.