4'5x 11' Ft Vintage Wide Kilim Runner, Ethnic Rug, Bohemian Handwoven Rug

4'5x 11' Ft Vintage Wide Kilim Runner, Ethnic Rug, Bohemian Handwoven Rug
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ANATOLIAN JIJIM KILIM Kilim, a word of Turkish origin, denotes a pileless textile of many uses produced by one of several flatweaving techniques that have a common or closely related heritage & are practiced in the geographical area that includes parts of Turkey. Wool is the primary & often the only material used to make a kilim rug. Many kilim are made totally from wool ith cotton warps, which accounts for the great majority of all kilims. There are five basic categories of motifs used in kilims, though the combinations are infinite: animal motifs (most frequently birds, but also dragons & bugs), plant-based motifs, geometric motifs (the most common), symbolic motifs (reflecting the emotions of the weaver as well as natural events) & mixed motifs (a variety of combined designs such as letters, vases & columns). There is almost always a symmetrical design in the completed kilim, producing a mirror image down the center line. The meaning of the images can also be quite intriguing. For example, a design named hand on the waist" signifies fertility. It could inform a household that a bride is expecting. Earrings & hair braids are used by young girls to tell their parents they are ready to get married. While a hook is woven to ward off evil eyes with its spiky edge, the horns of a ram symbolize bravery, bounty & joy. Place of origin : Anatolia - Turkey Age : 1960s Material used : wool Pattern : geometric Measurements : 54 x 132 inch138 x 334 cm4'5"x11’ ft Shipping :UPS All destination expenses ,duties-taxes will be paid by the receiver. Estimated shipping times: North America:3-5 business days Europe: 3-5 business days Far East: 8-10 business days Australia: 10-12 business days Shop code : K-436 Payment : We accept PAYPAL & Shopier . Following your order placement, you will receive an email from Shopier. Via this email, you will be able to pay securely your debit/credit card. Shopier is one of the most popular APPs integrated into Etsy. THANK YOU for visiting my shop. I will be glad if you have any questions about the item you are interested in.""" 4'5x 11’ Ft Vintage Wide Kilim Runner, Ethnic Rug, Bohemian Handwoven Rug