4 Weeks of Fabulous Paleolithic Breakfasts Amelia Simons Author

4 Weeks of Fabulous Paleolithic Breakfasts Amelia Simons Author
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Buyers of 4 Weeks of Fabulous Paleolithic Breakfasts are saying:~ “This book has a good variety of breakfast foods and I was impressed with how good the food was."~ “This book is full of super easy recipes! I have also thoroughly enjoyed the lunch and dinner books as well."~ “I bought this recipe book because I liked the list of recipes I saw with the “Look Inside” feature and I truly have enjoyed the recipes that I’ve cooked.“Amelia Simons’ 4 Weeks of Fabulous Paleolithic Breakfasts is a collection of 28 delicious recipes to help you start your day with healthy and satisfying dishes without grains and gluten. As many people are choosing to eat healthier as well as desiring to lose weight, they are enthusiastically turning to a Paleolithic lifestyle consisting of a low-carb diet rich in healthy meats, fish, seafood, vegetables, good fats, nuts, and seeds.Some of the delicious breakfast recipes included in this cookbook are: 1. South of the Border Frittata2. Cranberry Almond Bread3. Freedom Waffles4. Coconut Blackberry Breakfast Bars5. Berry Nutty Breakfast Smoothie Also included in this cookbook is an overview of the Paleolithic lifestyle that will give you a quick, easy-to-follow guide of the foods recommended and ones to avoid.PLUS, you will be thrilled with the index containing all the main ingredients used in the recipes. For example, do you have some vegetables you want to use? Then, go to the index, find the vegetable you have, look at the list of recipes that use that vegetable in it, check out the page number for the recipe titles that sound enticing, and go straight to that recipe. The index makes searching SO EASY and is a feature you will thoroughly enjoy.Don’t miss out on this great cookbook! New favorites are just a click away for you, your family and friends.Please note: If you are a Paleo eater like me and enjoy living by Mark Sisson’s “80/20 rule,” (eat a strict Paleo diet 80% of the time and relax a little bit the other 20%), you will find a few recipes that offer you the suggestion of using some dairy products like aged cheeses or butter if you can tolerate dairy. Also, because the issue of bacon continues to be an ongoing debate, bacon is a suggestion in a couple of recipes for you to consider enjoying on occasion if you desire. Finally, raw honey is used as a sweetener in several recipes, but can certainly be eliminated in most recipes if you do not wish to include it.