40 PALEO RECIPES: Great low-carb PALEO recipe book! MENTES LIBRES Author

40 PALEO RECIPES: Great low-carb PALEO recipe book! MENTES LIBRES Author
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The Paleolithic diet is based on the premise that we humans are genetically adapted to eat what our ancestors ate in the Paleolithic, that is, meat, fruits and vegetables and seafood, and it calls into question that a healthy diet has to be based on cereals, dairy products and vegetables. The Paleodiette, also known as the Stone Age Diet or the Cave Man Diet, considers that the most suitable foods for human beings are those that were available in the Palaeolithic era: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and roots -which provide the necessary amount of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants-, and proposes avoiding sugars and processed foods in general, but also other foods considered healthy such as legumes, cereals and dairy products. Paleo, the most natural food Followers of the Palaeo diet argue that the natural human diet, to which we have adapted over millions of years, cannot include flours, sugars or dairy products because these foods were incorporated into the diet much later and are very recent in our evolutionary history. This type of food includes large amounts of animal protein, also the fatty parts, and vegetables - whether fresh or frozen - and eliminates from the shopping list the packaged products, choosing only fresh foods. They also recommend that the meat should come from animals fed on grass, and that the fruit and vegetables should be in season (and better produced organically). In other words, everything should be as natural and less processed as possible. THESE FABULOUS RECIPES ARE FOR YOU! ENJOY THEM!