50 Great Pasta Sauces Pamela Sheldon Johns Author

50 Great Pasta Sauces Pamela Sheldon Johns Author
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
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From gorgonzola-walnut to rosemary-lamb, sauces to make every pasta dish more memorable—includes full-color photos.Living on a farm in Tuscany, Pamela Sheldon Johns knows more than a little about Italian cooking, and 50 Great Pasta Sauces showcases some of her best sauces collected throughout her extensive culinary career. The recipes are divided into four mouthwatering categories—vegetable sauces, meat sauces, seafood sauces, and dairy sauces—each designed to be the centerpiece of an irresistible, unforgettable meal.Lusciously illustrated, 50 Great Pasta Sauces has all the right ingredients to liven up your linguini or pep up your penne—and they can be prepared fast and affordably. Ranging from familiar, traditional standbys to creative new favorites, recipes include:* Carbonara sauce * Browned butter and sage sauce* Garlic shrimp and wine sauce* Roasted tomato sauce* Asparagus and butter sauce* Creamy goat cheese sauce, and many more