99+1 Wonderful Things about God Paula J. Owens Author

99+1 Wonderful Things about God Paula J. Owens Author
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
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Paula J. Owens is extremely special. She is one of the most inspired authors of all time. After all, 90% of people lose their lives to aneurisms, leaving Paula a strong survivor. Not only is Paula a recovering alcoholic and drug addict but she has over two years of sobriety. Paula is a single mother of four beautiful children as well as a retired chef who has traveled the world. She ministers to several hundred people a week and to this day has written several inspirational manuscripts. Paula handwrites her manuscripts and they are typed set and printed for readers everywhere. Paula shares with the world her new cookbook, Divine Foods Vol. I. Her new book, 99+1 Wonderful Things about God is the latest to be written. 99+1 Wonderful Things about God will help you in every area of your walk with God. After Paradise will follow 99+1 Wonderful Things about God.’ Divine Foods Cookbook Vol. 2 will also be on the market soon as well as Just Cheese Alone, the World of Seafood, and coauthor of Foxhole by Kenneth Griffin, as well as others. Written just for you.