A Book about Bupkes Leslie Kimmelman Author

A Book about Bupkes Leslie Kimmelman Author
Categories: Soups, Chicken
Brand: Lerner Publishing Group
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This is a book about bupkes: nothing, zero, zilch. Sometimes, though, what looks like nothing turns out to be the most important thing of all. An empty garden seems like nothing―bupkes! But it means that Zoe and her mom have taken a big basket of fresh veggies to their neighbor. An empty bench at the playground seems like nothing—bupkes! But Zoe has made a new friend and now no one needs to sit on the bench. An empty soup bowl seems like nothing―bupkes! But Zoe takes chicken soup to her sick mom and, after eating it, her mom feels better. The funny thing is that bupkes may mean nothing, but it can feel like everything.