A Change of Heart (The Scribe, #1) Amy Clark Author

A Change of Heart (The Scribe, #1) Amy Clark Author
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Essylt has never had much use for love. Her days are spent working as a scribe alongside her best friend and fellow scribe, Robin. But one day, the monotony of her life becomes too much to bear, and she steals away to the castle for a night of dancing and wine. When she runs into Touvel, the prince of Tatterley, she has no idea that the affair will change her life forever. Touvel, a prince bored and jaded with his father and with castle life, finds Essylt’s honesty and beauty refreshing. He’s not the only one. Robin’s been in love with Essylt for years, and Touvel’s presence in Essylt’s life forces the young scribe to decide, once and for all, if he’s brave enough to fight for the woman he loves. When a terrible secret threatens to end the growing relationship between Touvel and Essylt, will she find solace in the arms of the man who’s loved her for years or strive to keep her prince by her side?