A Glimpse of Hindu Philosophy with Analogy of Modern Science Ram N Sahni Author

A Glimpse of Hindu Philosophy with Analogy of Modern Science Ram N Sahni Author
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The depth of Hindu Philosophy and its impact on this Universe, Principles of Manifestation, Metaphysical phenomenon, Life and death, Liberation of the soul, is just some of the things mentioned in this book. Analogy to computers, atoms and molecules are also discussed. Since his childhood days RN Sahni was interested in subjects like philosophy, Sanskrit, and spiritualism. When he was twelve years old, his father fell ill. During that time a hermit, a swami in saffron clothes, came from Delhi to see and treat his father. That was when he chose the path of quest for spirituality. He stayed in our house for a month or so. During that time he gave medicines to many other people in the village, and soon after that he left. He never knew who he was, where he went and never heard of him again. When he later met his guru to be Dr. Paul Brunton, he discussed the quest and spiritualism, he told him about his initiation at the tender age of twelve. He told him that his father’s illness was only an excuse; the swami instead had come for him. He always wondered how he came all the way from Delhi to the remote corner of Lahoul valley crossing the mighty Rohtang pass, almost fourteen thousand feet above sea level, and all the way on foot from Manali. In those days there were no roads or vehicles in valley. Finally he met Sri Anthony Damiani, the founder and teacher of the Wisdom’s Goldenrod, a philosophical study center in upstate New York. After completing his graduate studies at Cornell University and while working in the USA, he became a regular to this group. He got the opportunity to do some serious and systematic study of philosophy with him at this center, up until Mr. Damianis demise in 1984. Soon after that he came back to India. Since then he continued on the path of quest independently. As a result of these studies, his thoughts are captured in form of this small book combining his profession and his hobby. He hopes this will make the scientific community and those who are highly impressed by science, to realize that there is much more to life than the eye meets. One should not limit oneself to one’s profession and day to day living. Instead one should look at the life with much broader perspective.