A Heart for Africa Moira Cooke Author

A Heart for Africa Moira Cooke Author
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Is this your first visit to Zambia? shouts the driver above the din of protesting gears as he rams his way mercilessly up through them and into top gear causing the entire truck to vibrate. No, we have been here many times, I yell back. Many times? he repeats incredulously. Then what are you doing travelling on this road in that vehicle? He shakes his head in disbelief. ***** So you have been in Zambia already? asks the deputy head. Many times, we assure him. Then you know our ways? he asks. For sure this couple knows us and our ways! laugh the three young men. Especially the ways of the Mr Bandas of Zambia! ***** Join Moira and Robert Cooke as they battle once more to rescue starfish stranded by the HIV Aids epidemic on the beaches of modern day Zambia. Meet Mr Banda, as slippery a head teacher as you’re ever likely to encounter. Struggle along with the Cookes to gain entry to Lusaka Prison. And read how they cope when an orphan asks Moira if she will be her mother! These people sent from God . . . who have a real heart for us and our children, Quistin Chalwe of the Faith Orphanage Foundation. If you enjoyed Moira’s first book, ‘Bwanakula Thandi’, then you’ll laugh and cry in turn at this further account of their work with orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia’s poorest community schools.