A Mountain of Evidence Amy O. Lewis Author

A Mountain of Evidence Amy O. Lewis Author
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Brand: Amy O. Lewis
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All Kim Jackson wants to do is live under the radar in a town where no one knows she was once an accounting manager at a Fortune 500 company—or that she’s been framed for corporate fraud and murder. Instead, she gets involved in a homicide investigation.High school senior Emily Riley made no secret of her desire to escape her hometown in the shadow of the San Juan Mountains. Locals thought she had left, until Emily’s murdered body is discovered at the base of Red Mountain. Kim Jackson steps in when she senses the investigation going cold. Using her advantage as an unbiased outsider, Kim seeks to understand who Emily was and who might have wanted her dead. As she gets closer to finding out what happened to Emily, Kim underestimates how much exposing the truth will cost her.A Mountain of Evidence is the first book in the Colorado Skies mystery series. It follows a woman desperately aiming to solve a murder while struggling to come to grips with what she’s lost—her past.