A Novel Victorian Cookbook: Forgotten Gems Carol Jeanne Kennedy Author

A Novel Victorian Cookbook: Forgotten Gems Carol Jeanne Kennedy Author
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A cookbook that is a magnificent work of Victorian and Georgian culinary history filled with beautiful impressionistic 19th century art of the author’s own making, wrapped in a clever and unique novelized cookbook.The works of culinary history in this cookbook encompasses brief biographies of the famous international chefs of the day such as French Chef Carême, famous British cookbook authoress’ Eliza Acton, Isabella Beeton, French-born Chef Alexis Soyer, Lady Harriett St Clair (daughter of the Earl of Rosslyn), American Fanny Gillette (Gillette Razor), English born Elizabeth Raffald, and Scottish born Christian Isobel Johnstone (aka) Meg Dods, to name a few.Kennedy sets the scene of her cookbook novel with the arrival of a few of her characters (taken from each of her seven historical books) as they gather at Kensington Palace for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are royally rewarded with the presence of His Majesty, King George III (Sophie & Juliet).During the meals, Lady Carol (the author) delves into their current lives with humorous banter as she coaxes each into saying what they loved to eat. For example, a delightful recipe that the King did eat which was Roast Duckling with stuffing and sauces. She also discovered he loved to sip chicken broth to ease his troubled digestion.Kennedy entertains the reader with actual Victorian-era recipes that these very wealthy and not so wealthy insisted upon eating at every meal. Kennedy details the proper table setting for 22 persons with meals presented during that era along with the recipes for each of the courses presented. She discusses table etiquette of the times and the whimsical reading of tea leaves for entertaining one’s guests. Seventeen delicious soup recipes are included from the basic White Soup to Potage de Levrauts a la St George.Twenty-One baking recipes are included ranging from how to bake Threadneedle Street Biscuits to Irish Soda Bread.She introduces seventeen Poultry and Feathered Game recipes from the basic Boiled Fowl with Oysters to a lovely complete Christmas Dinner.There are selections for wonderful hors d’oeuvres such as Canapes a l’amiral to Gingerbread Nuts.You will also find an authentic recipe for Jane Austen’s Excellent Orange Wine and Soyer’s Cheap Crimean Lemonade.Under Cakes and Desserts, she lists thirty-seven authentic and delicious recipes from the easy to make Almond Cake to the exquisite La Peche Melba.Under Seafood & Fresh Water Fish you will find an array of choices from delightful fish cakes to an Indian Receipt for Curried Fish along with the lovely dish of Kedgeree.Vegetable, Salads & Accompaniments show how easy it is to prepare A Salad of Haricot Beans to Love Apples with Scrambled Eggs.The details about the lives of Victorian chefs and cooks are presented interestingly and cleverly. Carol Kennedy uses her delightful characters from her seven novels to introduce us to a variety of recipes from many Victorian cookbooks that are still used today. Descriptions of the cookbooks, kitchens, and gadgets give the reader an authentic look into what life was like for kitchen staff at the time. Interaction with the novel characters gives us a glimpse of life for the middle-upper class and royalty. This cookbook will make a great addition to an existing cookbook collection.For your culinary education, the author has also included a Terms & Glossary section that helps one understand the many foreign culinary terms. She lists a valuable Resources section for the inquisitive mind. Fascinating, and at times humorous, Kitchen Lore from Saintly Cooking Tips to Turnips and a write-up on Hints for a Gentlewoman at table.