A Perfect Blend Ann Clay Author

A Perfect Blend Ann Clay Author
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When Denise McCoy jet-starts her new job in the Big Easy, she expects a journey filled with spicy cuisines, vibrant-live music, raucous costumed parades, and of course, a meaningful career. However, before she sets foot in the port city, she is ambushed by the seductive charms of New Orleans native, Michael Brooks. Sparks fly immediately! He’s gorgeous, passionate, and Denise falls hopelessly and fast for the handsome businessman. But, soon, this perfect blend of love and career is in danger, forcing her to deal with an unpopular decision that unknowingly jeopardizes their initial pledge - truth. Her smile moves his soul, her body calls his name, and Michael Brooks won’t stop until Denise McCoy is his for keeps. Indulging in the prospects of a ‘happily-ever-after’ with the exquisite registered nurse, he eagerly allows her into a place he has kept in reserve for a long time. However, when Denise decides to make a change that he opposes, Michael immediately regrets his decision. This misunderstanding is all too familiar, and quite frankly, he refuses to travel that road again. They have more at stake than they imagine, and just in a nick of time, fate steps in, forcing them to fight for their promise of forever. In the end, Michael and Denise learn that pride, ambitions, and family, in the right balance, are the essences of devoted hearts - the perfect blend.