A Place to Start: Wander Creek Book One Amy Ruth Allen Author

A Place to Start: Wander Creek Book One Amy Ruth Allen Author
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What does she have to lose? She’s already lost everything . . .Abby is still reeling from her husband’s bombshell. She went from rich and carefree socialite to social pariah overnight.She needs to lay low and out of the spotlight. A small town she’s never heard of is as good a place as any. But should she take the outrageous opportunity offered by an anonymous benefactor?Why not? She can’t sink any lower.He is her first friend in Wander Creek, but another woman has her hooks in him and many more want to paddle his canoe.But he’s taken a shy shining to her. He helps her set up her business and literally takes her on her first walk across a frozen lake. And that sunrise ATV ride along Wander Creek . . .But then there’s that snow bunny and Abby’s public humiliation. How could he do that to her?So what’s the point in staying in Wander Creek? According to her crazy arrangement, she can leave after a year with the money. A lot of money.She’ll have to muster all the sass and moxie she can to decide whether to stay or go. Or is it possible that she can she do both?When Abby’s humiliating past is revealed another secret comes to the surface and shocks Abby to the core.All of a sudden, his betrayal is the least of her worries . . .If you love wholesome women’s fiction that celebrates friendship, second chances and the joys of a life well-lived, all against the backdrop of small-town living, you will fall in love with the Wander Creek series. Buy a Place to Start now and begin your journey. WANDER CREEK SERIESBook 1: A Place to StartBook 2: A Place to StayBook 3: A Place for Christmas (August 2022)Readers LOVE Wander Creek!I absolutely loved this book. I enjoyed all the characters, the good ones, bad ones, and crazy ones. The descriptive environment is wonderful, from her shabby apartment to her adventurous walks and rides around Wander Creek. The story pulled me in and I joined Abby on her decisions, friendships, goals and new love…maybe. What will Abby’s future hold? Will her decisions help her for the better? Will all end up during spring time at Wander Creek or will she fall through the creek ice? You’ll have to read this amazing book to find out. I’d highly recommend this book by the very talented author Amy Ruth Allen. I look forward to the next book and all her books to come. – ReaderAnother great read by Amy Ruth Allen.I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to the next one in the series. The main character, Abby is likable and all of her friends (and foes) are fun to get to know. The aura of mystery on who the benefactor is and who sabotaged her inventory keep you guessing until the very end. – Reader