A Place to Stay: Wander Creek Book Two Amy Ruth Allen Author

A Place to Stay: Wander Creek Book Two Amy Ruth Allen Author
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What happened to all the reasons she had to stay?Abby runs a successful business in Wander Creek and has wonderful friends, including the irrepressible owner of the Wander Inn on the shores of the creek. Abby could stay here forever.And the man in her life is kind, loving, and adventurous. A real man’s man.But then he sees something he wasn’t supposed to see. She tries to explain, but his taillights are the last thing she sees of him for some time.And the mean girl is back and determined to chase Abby out of Wander Creek. The trouble is the law is not on Abby’s side.But Abby isn’t about to back down from a challenge. Especially since the mean girl has her sights set on Abby’s beau. Or is it ex-beau?Meanwhile, Abby finds herself in the middle of a magical mystery. But a dangerous situation makes Abby re-evaluate her life. Life is too precious to waste in arguments with people you love. But can Abby persuade her beau to give her a second chance?Probably. Hopefully.But then Abby sees something she wasn’t supposed to see . . .If you love wholesome women’s fiction about enduring friendships and the fleeting moments of wonder and awe that can so easily pass us by, all against the backdrop of small-town living, you will fall in love with the Wander Creek series. Buy a Place to Stay now and begin your journey through this page-turner.