A Ride With the River Man S Pavithra Ram Author

A Ride With the River Man S Pavithra Ram Author
Categories: Soups, Noodle
Brand: Notion Press
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A fiction based on two South Indian Brahmin families, documenting their journey as they bridge a generation of the past, the values and culture around it, with that of the contemporary. A peek into their everyday lives, the conversations, their minds and menus, their traits and traditions. What are the promises and compromises along the way?It is the story of the young protagonist who breezily anchors the generational shift, with an egoless mind, a selfless approach, as he conspires and inspires their way into the future, drawing into his path as many lives, as many dreams as his compassionate heart could embrace, with an undying urge to make all their lives brighter and their smiles bigger. Where does his strength lie? What does his future hold? How does his journey feel like?A beautiful love story couched in the heart of this journey, caught between many a battle of emotions, fought fair and square! The book takes you through a piercing journey into their minds, traversing layers and layers of their concerns, follies, dreams and desires. What remains at the end-is it the beginning or the end?Read on to explore!