A Sail and Tale of an Emotional Rescue Sam Phillis Author

A Sail and Tale of an Emotional Rescue Sam Phillis Author
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Up Coming Book events December- 2sd, Landing - Jacksonville, FL - (904) 353-1188 - Bing Local Friday –10am to 2pm The Landings Downtown Jax. December - 3rd, *Pier 17 Marine / Ships Locker Saturday - 11am to 3pm Jacksonville FL. December -10th, *Billy’s Boat House Grill Sunday - 12 to 4pm Jacksonville FL. December - 16th, *Whitey’s Fish Camp / Seafood Restaurant Friday - 4 to 9pm Orange Park, FL December - 18th, *Caribbee Key Island Grill & Cruzan Rum Bar Sunday- December 18th 1 to 5pm Neptune Beach, FL January – Date to be announced *Blue Fish Restaurant and Oyster Bar Jacksonville, FL Coastal Cruising at its best…A first hand viewpoint from the cockpit! A Sail and Tale Of an Emotional Rescue Part l and 2 Thoughts of a sailor back on land with an assignment in life… An untold Story Part 3 “A Final Destination in Mind”… “A tell all”… coming soon By Samuel Phillis Sailing yachtsman, beware of Murphy and his law! Book description, Book Reviews and Current Press Release A full color picture gift book, ideal as a coffee table pride and a good read “Some say a page turner” Men will brave them selves through rough seas of the Atlantic and life, somewhat a metaphor of life…Written for the wannabes, novice and seasoned boater. Even non-boaters…Or even for those looking for a “new slice within life” and want to master something new…… that they never dared before………. Boating is a hobby that reflects much of life. Everyone has their own boat to sail. Their destination and route is their own choosing, but we all sail on unpredictable waters that are not under our command. Sam Phillis’s A Sail and Tale of an Emotional Rescue is a book of a man’s adventurous voyage over seas and through life. A Sail and Tale of an Emotional Rescue chronicles the thrilling and dramatic experiences of author Sam Phillis and his 30-foot Catalina Yacht and sailing sloop named the Emotional Rescue. Phillis initially preferred the safe enclosure of freshwater, but some dramatic events in his life, and the distant crashing waves of the Atlantic seawater, compelled him to set sail down the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and near shore on the Atlantic Ocean. Through many tribulations on ocean and in life, Phillis emerges to tell his amazing tales of daily survival. A Sail and Tale of an Emotional Rescue is a factual and humorous narrative of a seasoned recreational sailor with thirty years and thirteen thousand miles of sailing and boating experience. This book makes an excellent gift and enjoyable reading for avid recreational sailors and those wanting to leave their dormant shores of life for adventure. Some Book Reviews of Interest: • Every now and then at Savannah Connect we come across a book so unique, so individualistic, so off-the hook that it makes us smile. Sam Phillis’s book is such a book! ………. A glorious hodge-podge of an account of his voyages off the Eastern Seaboard..…Phillis’s book is hectic, a deeply personal memoir of one man’s struggle, depicted by his efforts to tame the sea almost single-handed, although a cancer patient, and a self-professed bipolar sufferer, along with going through a divorce……. Sam writes with a funny, engaging writing style and a great eye for photocomposition. ……A Sail and Tale of an Emotional Rescue takes you on what is sometimes literally a whirlwind tour of the Intracoastal Waterways and points offshore…the book is much like the author himself: warm, engaging and somewhat chaotic (there is not just one “ending” but multiple closures and endings…. …..It’s a book that despite its many minor flaws, will no doubt remind you of your own personal voyages, large and small….. Most of all, in a publishing word full of self-important, “literary” tomes of questionable human value, Phillis’s memoir is quite a breath of fresh air in your own sail. Jim M. Editor and Chief • “I honestly didn’t know what to think or what I’d find the first time I set down to read Sam’s “Sail and Tale of an Emotional Rescue”. But the more I read, the more delighted and curious I was. I found it hard to put down once I got started and felt I was along with him in the cockpit.”- Dennis N. - Reader and CEO • “It seems like Sam writes with an interested “stream of consciousness” and tells it like it really is. He will surely hold your attention and make you ask yourself, What’s next”? Seems like he expanded the story in print, by adding the color pictures, but failed to express the meanings behind each shot related to a specific story. For as I know, a picture is worth another 1000 words. Where are the other stories? Maybe he will explain in his ne