A Second To Breathe (Time To Love, #1) Amy Richie Author

A Second To Breathe (Time To Love, #1) Amy Richie Author
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Brand: Amy Richie
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Four months shy of twenty, Aella Malone knew she had no chance of working in the fields, but she had to try something. She had taken a child in, a child she found outside her dwelling, and now she needed that two coppers a week more than anything. Being born and then abandoned in the Racks, Aella has always been focused on only one thing – survival. Who had time for leisurely strolls into Ancient Earth just to see your ancestors? Did rich people really throw their money away like that? Just when her luck seems to be looking up, Aella is thrust into a adventure she never wanted to be on with people she has nothing in common with. Will she be lost forever or is this her chance to finally be found?