A Secret World (Corrupt Angel, #1) Amy Monrroy Author

A Secret World (Corrupt Angel, #1) Amy Monrroy Author
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Brand: Amy Monrroy
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God and Lucifier still fight over the world. that’s something everyone knows. What isn’t know is the next messiah is here.Tanner has no idea what he is. He’s lived in the small town of Capitan, New Mexico all his life. Until a girl named Cheyenne comes and shows him everything he knows is just a little of what the world really is. Tanner will have to learn about things that shouldn’t be real, and join in a world he never wanted to be a part of. If that wasn’t enough, he will need to get ready to face the twelve trials of the zodiacs.Join Tanner as he makes new friends and enters another world he never thought was real.