A Star in My Hand Diana Creel Elarde Author

A Star in My Hand Diana Creel Elarde Author
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And daily I send prayers of hope that whispers of chance are truly the voices of angels. An inspirational collection of short stories about the moments when life changes - those pivotal times when fate and feelings blend to transform ordinary events into life-changing transitions. The author’s words speak to everyone through personal and universal themes, common to all, yet unique in each situation. Diana Creel Elarde is a contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul - Miraculous Messages from Heaven. Her work can be seen at her blog A Star in My Hand. Excerpt from A Star in My Hand: I smile at the thought of that life, certain though that the ideal dream would wake to a reality I am not yet ready to live. Too many roads to travel before I settle on just one. The seed of Argentina was within me, given to me by some long lost magazine article I saw years ago. Why not? I thought, rising from my overstuffed lounge chair. Standing in my perfect living room, I committed myself to life on the edge, traveling, exploring, rejecting the mundane. No logic, no emotional pleas would ever be strong enough to stop me. Deep into that very night, I planned my escape. Yet who knows, perhaps there is a second or even third dream evolving at this precise moment that will hijack my life into a totally new direction.