A Table In Time Amy Quinn Author

A Table In Time Amy Quinn Author
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Where Oh Where Has Conversation Gone?Are you feeling disconnected with few meaningful relationships?Tired of stale events and shallow conversation?Searching for community in your daily life?Scared of hosting in your home?A Table In Time is for those who like to serve food for the mind and soul, not just the body. It’s for those who want to nurture community and authentic connection, bridge differences and offer the chance to be heard within our disparate society…over conversation and a meal.This eBook shows hosts how to facilitate deeper human connection through conversation. It provides tips on creating joy in our interactions, dissimilar from today’s blitz-like communication of quick texts and verbose emails. A Table In Time lets us connect to others with our best selves, truly hear different perspectives, experience delight around the table, and respect each guest’s opportunity to speak and be heard. Hearing each other’s stories expands understanding of our humanness and the big world that exists within each person.This guide provides tips on how to: • Create the right environment for conversation • Make guests feel safe• Select the right topic and get to the guts of it• Unfold the conversation in a natural, uncontrived style • Allow the topic to lead the discussionIt also shows readers how to express their unique hospitality style without feeling stressed. You can be that host…exuding calm and able to guide and enjoy your own gathering.A Table In Time includes strategies for: • Meal planning• Table preparation• Hosting logistics• Personalized touchesBy gathering around the table we expand good into the world. As a meal draws people together, it also provides an opportunity to build new relationships and form understanding as the foundation of a healthier society.Every person has the capacity to enable conversation and host a memorable gathering over a meal. This guide makes it foolproof.