A Tail of Two Kitties Blending Families Leslie Roman Author

A Tail of Two Kitties Blending Families Leslie Roman Author
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A Tail of Two Kitty’s is a story about blending families as told through the point of view of the two cats, Lillith and Coco Bear. Lillith is a kitty that is quite needy. She is accustomed to getting cream in the morning and cries to let everyone know it’s time to wake up. She loves living alone with her Mommy in their fancy city apartment. On the other hand, Coco Bear is a very independent kitty, who was born in the wild at her Daddy’s fence shop. She comes and goes as she pleases and believes that it is her job to catch mice that run around outside at night. Coco Bear lives with her Daddy in their country house with lots of trees and critters. When out-of-the-blue, Lillith and Coco Bear are thrown together in a totally strange house, because their Mommy and Daddy have become a couple and they want to share a home together. At first, neither cat is happy about being brought together. They hiss at each other and pout about the change. But as time goes on, they learn that having another parent to love them is not so bad after all. They see that having another Kitty with differences can be interesting. They learn that they like being in a blended family.