A Taste of Greek: Your Pocket Menu Guide Georgios Papadakis Author

A Taste of Greek: Your Pocket Menu Guide Georgios Papadakis Author
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
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Experience Greek food like a local!Learn to read the menu in Greek and never again miss out on any of the delicious food that Greece has to offer.As a traveler not fluent in the Greek language, you are at a real disadvantage when it comes time to eat. Sure many of the hotels and touristy restaurants will have an English menu, but what about the authentic Greek restaurants off the beaten path. If you cannot read what is on the menu then you can never truly eat like a local.That’s what A Taste of Greek: Your Pocket Menu Guide is for!This book will teach you how to read a Greek menu through step by step chapters each with a different focus, such as Meats, Vegetables, Seafood, Preparation Methods and lots more. Each chapter contains lessons in the most popular foods, as well as sample menus to get you started right away.In addition to introducing you to the most popular foods of Greece, this book comes complete with a Greek food glossary of more than 300 entries with everything from basic ingredients to specific wine and cheese varieties unique to Greece.With this book in your pocket you can be confident that you will always be able to order off of any menu in Greece.Scroll up and order a copy of A Taste of Greek: Your Pocket Guide now and finally enjoy all of those Greek meals you have been dying to try.