A Text-Book of Classical Mechanics Ram Bilas Misra Author

A Text-Book of Classical Mechanics Ram Bilas Misra Author
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The present book, having twelve chapters, offers a first course on classical mechanics suitable for graduate and college students. It comprises of three segments: vectors, statics and dynamics of a particle. It begins with an introduction to vectors and deals with their ‘dot’ and ‘cross’ products in the first chapter. The next four chapters deal with statics: resultant of forces, moment of a force, forces in equilibrium and centre of gravity are discussed. Different types of forces: weight, normal reaction, friction, tension in string (both elastics and inelastic) and thrust in a light rod are considered. The last segment deals with dynamics of a particle. Motion of a particle in a straight line and in a plane, simple harmonic motion, and projectile are explained in the Chapters 6 - 9. Work done by a force, its rate of working (power) and the capacity of an engine to do work (energy) are included in the Chapter 10. The concepts of momentum and impact of a particle are explained in the 11th chapter whereas the relative motion is discussed in the last chapter. Chapters are divided into Sections, which are numbered chapter-wise.