A Time For Will Libby Campbell Author

A Time For Will Libby Campbell Author
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Brand: Libby Campbell
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When cowboy Will Dawson lands on Lissie Pettigrew’s doorstep, she doesn’t think it’s the universe working its miracles. She thinks it’s another of her sister’s practical jokes.Will remembers going into the barn on his family farm. Then lightning crackled and the earth fell away beneath his feet. That was 1885.Lissie doesn’t believe in love, let alone love at first sight. But this stern cowboy, who is so unfamiliar with the modern world, sends her heart racing with his caring but strict manners.Will wants to return to 1885. Lissie wants to find her twin sister, who disappeared at the same moment Will was dragged through time.Lissie may only see her sister again at the cost of losing Will forever. If things go wrong, she may lose both of them. The forces that split the time-space continuum are stirring again. Will and Lissie weigh the risks before returning to the portal.Disclaimer: this time travel story has steamy and erotic elements, including spanking of adult women. If this content is likely to offend you, please do not read this book.