A Whales Tail, Eh Lizy J Campbell Author

A Whales Tail, Eh Lizy J Campbell Author
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Brand: Elizabeth Campbell
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It’s a Canadian thing, eh? Want to know more?Let me explain it in poetry.From poutines to the CN Tower, a mostly Ontario-themed poetry book gives love to this great place we called Canada.A fun and silly light-hearted poetry tribute.30 short fun-filled poetry titles: Gem on The LakeCanada, eh It’s a Canadian thing, EhCanadian Winter life Cherry Beach LoveLake Ontario Market of CulturePoutine Thousand Island BlissMaple Sweet Hoser!CN Tower I Don’t Live in an Igloo!Torono The SixCanadian Geese The Dome of HopesSnowmobiler Thrill A Whales Tail, YumIce blade Dancing Oh Henry, Thank youJohn CandyPineconesThe Toronto ZooCaribana DelightLet The Jazz Play (Quebec)Canadas WonderlandThe Mighty WaterfallMuskoka TranquilityThe Hill (Ottawa)