A World Without Angels Jamie Campbell Author

A World Without Angels Jamie Campbell Author
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Brand: Jamie Campbell
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One Angel. One Girl. One Chance.Demons are winning the war between good and evil as they continue to kill guardian angels. The ripple effect is causing humans the world over to descend into a war of their own without their heavenly protectors.One of the last angels falls to earth in an attempt to gather the remaining few humans so they can unite in the final battle. What he didn’t expect to find was the intriguing girl who helps and captivates him while solving the ancient riddle that can save both worlds.Finding a forbidden love in a hopeless place, they put everything on the line as they hold on to their faith in each other. They must find the courage to continue their quest while the world crumbles around them.In the Aron Angels Series:Before the FallA World Without AngelsAngel’s Uprising