Aa is for Alpacas Sue Carolane Author

Aa is for Alpacas Sue Carolane Author
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Why THIS alphabet book? Because reading is only ‘as simple as ABC’ when the alphabet is taught and learnt correctly. Would it surprise you to know that many ABC books get it wrong? Troubled by the increasing number of children struggling with reading, writing and spelling, Sue Carolane (B.App.Sc. Speech Pathology), a professional with over thirty years of practice in early childhood literacy, tackles the problem at its core: the sounds made by each letter of the alphabet. With an easy-to-follow guide for the adult coach and full colour pictures of a cheeky alpaca family to engage your child, this book ensures education AND enjoyment when learning the names and sounds of the letters of the alphabet. ‘Aa is for Alpacas’ gives you and your child everything you need to lay the foundations of good literacy correctly - strong from the start - allowing your child to move on with confidence to the building blocks that come next: reading and writing.