Africa Coffee Blend | Madagascar - Uganda 1 Kg

Africa Coffee Blend | Madagascar - Uganda 1 Kg
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Scientific name: Coffea arabica & C. robusta Family: Rubiaceae Robusta from Madagascar 55% Arabica from Uganda 45% Among the many passions of natural products, including in addition to aromatic materials & medicinal plants, there are spices, tea & coffee. This African blend is made through small producers that during my exploration trips I manage to meet & establish a relationship. in this blend I propose 2 varieties of beans, both of monocultivar origin, a splendid Arabica from the Elgon mountains of eastern Uganda & a robust unknown from Madagascar. in general, Madagascar is not a country known for coffee, but some families also grow for personal use or small internal trade only. After making friends with some growers I decided to make a first import & roasted it in the country where I live a few kilometers from Florence, the small family-run roasting, allows you to maintain a niche product with an artisan value. You will notice a small & not homogeneous grain, that is the robust variety of Madagascar, not splendid in aesthetics but with a great aromatic character. Maybe a coffee is not for everyone. Africa Coffee Blend | Madagascar - Uganda 1 Kg