African Adinkra Cufflinks, Gold Akan Solid Brass

African Adinkra Cufflinks, Gold Akan Solid Brass
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Color: Gold
Size: custom
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African Adinkra cufflinks in solid brass: Our elegant collection of handmade Afrocentric cufflinks will make your French cuffs pop! They feature an assortment of beautiful cultural symbols. The cufflink base is gold-plated brass. Created by the Akan people of Ghana & Cte d’Ivoire, Adinkra are symbols that not only decorate but communicate! Found on fabric, pottery, buildings, & even traditional gold weights, Adinkra represent both objects & the philosophy of the Akan people. The beautiful, richly detailed Adinkra symbols used on the cufflinks are handmade by Ghanaian artisans using traditional techniques (lost-wax casting) & tools. This pair of cufflinks features the Dwennimmen Adinkra. Dwennimmen (ram) is the Adinkra symbol for humility & endurance. It also represents wisdom & learning. The ram will courageously fight its adversaries when appropriate. It will also surrender to slaughter. This symbolizes that there is wisdom is knowing when to fight & when to have the humility to learn & to adapt. These handcrafted cufflinks are beautifully unique, functional, & meaningful. Gift yourself or a special man in your life. They are a perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, Father’s Day, or Valentine’s Day. They are also a perfect gift for a groom and/or groomsmen. This listing is for one pair of cufflinks. 2020 to present FierceLoveSoul LLC All copyright & intellectual property rights in the images, text, & designs are the property of FierceLoveSoul LLC. African Adinkra Cufflinks, Gold Akan Solid Brass