After the Storm Ashley Farley Author

After the Storm Ashley Farley Author
Categories: Soups, Sea Food
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Three young people pick up the pieces of their lives after a devastating hurricane ravages their small town. Sean’s head chef is responsible for his restaurant’s success. He’ll do anything to make Carla happy, including inviting her to live with him at his parents’ waterfront estate. But Carla’s five-year-old son has anger management issues, and Carla lacks the parenting skills to handle him. To make matters worse, Sean’s twin brother, Cooper, is back in town with a mysterious problem of his own. When tension mounts, Sean is forced to choose between family and business. Lizbet, in the middle of a hurricane, walks out on her husband after only two years of marriage. She offers no explanation except to say she needs time to herself. She doesn’t dare tell Jamie the real reason. She’s certain she can take care of the problem herself. Seven months later, however, she’s still living in Charleston with her sister. She’s flat broke and her crisis is unresolved. She yearns to tell Jamie the truth, but she fears doing so will drive him away forever. Jamie immerses himself in his work to avoid his lonely home. He co-manages his family’s gourmet seafood market with his mom while restoring the marina across the street. He understands his wife’s need for space, but his patience is wearing thin, and the possibly of Lizbet’s return looks less likely with each passing day. His attraction to a beautiful and sexy property developer confuses Jamie. As his relationship with Lizbet grows more complicated, he must find the strength to deny his attraction to this other woman. A sweet and clean romance set in the heart of the Lowcountry.