Aftertaste Lori Jean Phipps Author

Aftertaste Lori Jean Phipps Author
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In an all-night culinary quest and wine soiree embarked on the eve of Fourth of July, the correlation between food cravings and men are explored and devoured. Melody Rae Murphy convinces her friend Katarina (Kat) Ramirez to go on an emotional journey to commemorate her relationship fiascos while creating the ideal seafood entrée: salmon baked with mango and brie. Reliving her past she is left with a tart, greasy, spicy, bitter and salty aftertaste longing for something sweeter. Knowing there are other fish in the sea and after reading an exorbitant amount of self-help books, Melody Rae feels prepared to take a fresh step toward change. The extent of her quandary is determinate on whether she is inherently capable of curbing her unhealthy cravings, altering her future to no longer attract a poor quality fish (a stale entrée), but rather a fancier cuisine (an elite main course), or destined to remain single and yo-yo diet in her relationships for eternity.*Note: one hundred most beautiful words in the English language assimilated throughout the novel.