Air Fryer for Two: 50 Healthy Two-Serving Air Fryer Recipes Louise Davidson Author

Air Fryer for Two: 50 Healthy Two-Serving Air Fryer Recipes Louise Davidson Author
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Cooking for two with an Air fryer makes meal preparation, quick, easy, and delicious! This collection of Air Fryer recipes for two is simply out of this world good from breakfast to desserts! Modern technology has had remarkable effects on many different aspects of human life, and cooking is no exception. Deep frying has become a thing of the past; air frying is the modern method of baking, grilling, frying, and roasting your favorite foods without using a tremendous amount of oil. Moreover, there’s no compromise on taste: air frying produces the same texture and crispiness of deep-fried foods. Air fryers are versatile appliances with which you can prepare all your favorite foods, including: Delightful breakfast recipes like the Corn & Potato Frittata Morning and the Spinach Bacon Breakfast Tasty sides and appetizers such as the Squash Veggie Appetizer and the Sweet Cheddar Tater Tots Wholesome chicken and poultry mains such as the Pineapple BBQ Chicken and the Honey Spiced Turkey Satisfying meat mains such as the Sweet Soy Pork and the Crusty Nutty Lamb Bountiful fish and seafood recipes like the Cheesy Mayo Tilapia and the Sweet Salmon Greens Amazing vegetarian recipes such as the Cauliflower Pine Curry and the Broccoli Olive Meal Super snack recipes like the Shrimp Onion Croquettes and the Spiced Sweet Potato Crunches Delicious dessert recipes like the Semolina Raisin Cake and the Berry Apricot Pie All recipes come with a detailed list of ingredients, cooking and preparation times, number of servings, easy to follow step-by-step instructions, and nutritional information per serving. Let’s start frying! Scroll back up and order your copy today!