Alastair McAllister Goes to School Valerie Ramer Author

Alastair McAllister Goes to School Valerie Ramer Author
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Alastair McAllister Goes to School is a meaningful story about loving yourself just the way you are and appreciating the differences in others. Meet Alastair McAllister! He’s a lovable, long haired cat, heading to his first day of kittygarten at the Acatemy! He’s excited to ride on the school bus, make friends and learn new things. He’s sure it’s going to be a PURRFECT day! But from the moment he meets his new classmates, they tease him for looking different. Throughout the day Alastair struggles to fit in. He feels he can’t do anything right. That night, he comes up with a unique plan to gain their acceptance. Will his plan work? Will Alastair be accepted by his classmates?Beautiful illustrations capture Alastair’s emotions from his first day struggles through his journey to be accepted. Readers will laugh and cheer for Alastair! For the younger readers, a butterfly, with a special meaning from the author, is hidden on every page. This story combines themes of diversity, inclusion, self-acceptance and appreciating the differences in each other. At the end of the book Alastair has a page for Things to think about. The questions are great conversation starters for classrooms and families.EARLY REVIEW:Alastair McAllister Goes to School is a gem! Children of all ages can relate to Alastair’s experiences. The author uses creative vocabulary and scenarios to invite inquiry and conversation as the story unfolds and the moral is revealed. The illustrations are masterful and the carefully hidden butterflies on each page make for a fun and engaging adventure. This book is a must read, over and over again! -Gail Shepard, Educator