Alexander Adriaenssen: Paintings (Annotated) Raya Yotova Author

Alexander Adriaenssen: Paintings (Annotated) Raya Yotova Author
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Alexander Adriaenssen is a Flemish artist specializing in a painting of still-lifes paintings.He was born and lived in Antwerp where he received his initial training for an artist. He studied the art-craft in the urban guild of artists, where he apprenticed for almost 13 years before being awarded the title master. However, his master certificate was awarded not as a painter, but as a manuscript artist and a master of woodcarving.Gradually, he stepped away from this type of work and started painting with oil. At the same time, his brother also entered the guild of the Antwerp artists as a painter.Alexander Adriaenssen painted mostly still-life with flowers and seafood, the characteristic of his work being the rich arrangement of complex compositions. He arranged the objects usually in a triangular composition with three main accents around which he had less important details.His paintings are distinguished by the perfectionism of the form and a somewhat cold palette, sometimes reaching to monochrome.