All My Mental Health Shit: Journal, Self Discovery & Life Assessment Prompts, Depression, Coping Strategies, Gratitude & Happiness Tra

All My Mental Health Shit: Journal, Self Discovery & Life Assessment Prompts, Depression, Coping Strategies, Gratitude & Happiness Tra
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This guided Mental Health book, planner can be a great way to help get your life on track with all your self-care, mental & emotional well-being. Maintaining a mental health journal, diary is a perfect tool to help manage anxiety and mood, reduce stress and cope with depression or PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder). Journaling and writing things down will be a good way to express yourself and get out all those thoughts, feelings and emotions that have been buried down deep down inside. You want to lead a fulfilling life, limit stress, improve your outlook, increase your happiness and live with a positive attitude. When you equip yourself with the right tools to help you, this will become much simpler. This mental health journal/ diary will be a very useful tool to develop the best version of you that you can be. Each page contains prompts for you fill in. Some examples the interior features from sections of the book are: About Me - A self discovery section to find out more about yourself. Coping Strategies - You will want to write down & track the different ways you feel about yourself so you can better manage and cope with self-doubt and negative feelings that keep you down. Anxiety Level Chart - Color the boxes on the chart to rate your level of anxiety when you face certain situations. Gratitude & Happiness Tracker - Spend some time self reflecting & focus your thoughts on the joys in your life. Mood Chart - The mood wheel chart can be used to record your positive, negative and neutral emotions every month. Life Assessment - Focus on areas in your life that you would like to be better and ways to improve it. Trigger Tracker - Tracking your experiences that generate negative thoughts and emotions. Self Improvement - What are your self sabotaging habits and ways to work on them. Daily Reflection & Daily Awareness - Take a moment each day focusing on your day, highlights, gratefulness, mood, happiness, challenges. Chart your good days and your bad days. Post Therapy Chart - Notes from your therapy session. Weekly Assessment & Reflections - Overview of your week. There are also many more sections that include: Goals, Understanding Anxiety, Grateful Life, Thoughts Tracker, Self Awareness Chart, Sleep Tracker, Self Care Ideas, Self Care Planner, Self Care Tracker, Thought Log, Personal Wins, Personal Rewards, Anxiety Tracker, Depression Tracker, Reset Your Mind, Love Yourself, Trigger Sources. Journals and notebooks help keep all of your important information all in one place. Will make a great gift for women, men, and young adults. Start your mindfulness journey today! Simple & easy to use, just get your mind thinking and fill in the questions. Great for travel. Size is 8.5x11 inches, 175 pages, soft matte finish cover, white paper, black ink, paperback. Get one today!